Whether your own architectural plans or the use of an outstanding designer/architect, the original, distinctive design of CB Builders homes is what sets us apart from all other builders in the Northeast. We design facades to be distinctive so those first impressions – the most important – make the bold and proud statement our customers look for. Our interior designs blend the perfect balance of form, scale, and style that provide our customer's with a perfect and unique home.


Without a comprehensive plan that reflects the client's needs and wishes, there is no "home." CB Builders has translated our customers vision into architectural reality for over 25 years. We are known for our quality, commitment, and honesty.


Even the best designs and construction quality are nothing without effective and smooth processes. CB Builder's projects are the result of seamless collaborations and communications between their valued clients, experienced project managers and highly competent office staff.


CB Builders understands there are different budgets and needs for different clients. Our Renovation Services offer the same CB Builders custom home quality and style for smaller budgets as well as those who wish to put finishing touches on an existing home.